Speaker Chapter 3
4-5 May 2023, A Coruña, Spain
Adam CheyerCo-Founder of Apple Siri

Adam Cheyer is an inventor, entrepreneur, engineering executive, and a pioneer in AI and computer human interfaces.

Adam has been a co-founder or founding member of four successful startups, including Siri (sold to Apple, where he led server-side engineering and AI for the Siri assistant), Change.org (the world’s largest petition platform), Viv Labs (sold to Samsung, where he led product engineering and developer relations for Samsung’s voice assistant), and Sentient (massively distributed machine learning).

Previously, Adam was VP Engineering at Verticalnet (enterprise software) and Dejima (mobile software). Adam also spent more than a decade at SRI International, where his most recent role was as Chief Architect of CALO/PAL, the US government’s largest funded AI project.

Adam has authored more than 60 publications and 38 patents. He graduated with highest honors from Brandeis University and received the “Outstanding Masters Student” award from UCLA’s School of Engineering.


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