Speaker Chapter 3
4-5 May 2023, A Coruña, Spain
Caroline BasynSenior Vice President, Pepsico

I am Caroline Basyn, SVP for Strategy and Transformation at PepsiCo Europe. My passion for Women’s development started in 1997, 12 years after I joined Procter & Gamble, when a more senior American leader in the company made me realize I had a mission to help drive the career of all women in IT in Europe. This was such a rewarding experience, followed by driving the Women’s development program for Bacardi and more recently by taking the leadership of making a difference for Swiss based women. In those experiences I have seen the differences and the unconscious bias that have disabled women to advance. I have also realized that every step we take makes a difference and that we all can contribute. I am inspired by the LEAD founders, as they scale all what we do, and make a bigger impact.