From BetweenBrains, a major publication exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of industry, government, academia and society, we bring to you Ecosystems 2030 Summit.

Ecosystems 2030 is the premier interdisciplinary forum for top executives, senior engineers, thought leaders, innovators and futurists to explore the ecosystems emerging over the next 10 years from technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Fintech, 3-D Printing, Robotics and Virtual/Augmented Reality. In our second chapter of 10 conferences to be held across the next decade, we will focus on the upcoming opportunities and challenges these technologies present and offer important insights on how to transform your organization and remain relevant in the next decade.

Breakout Session Report

We provide an overview of important considerations for interested persons and entities looking to build their presence in the metaverse and a key facet of this report is the array of insights provided on the future of various sectors – finance, healthcare, automotive, metamobility, retail, and retirement – by a diverse, multinational cohort of over 100 executives and thought-leaders that participated in Ecosystems 2030 Summit, in A Coruña, Spain in June of 2022.

Honorary Committee

his majesty Felipe VI
His Majesty Felipe VI

King of Spain

Ines Rey Garcia
Inés Rey García

Mayor of A Coruña

Julio E. Abalde Alonso
Julio E. Abalde Alonso

President of the University of A Coruña

Antonio Lopez Diaz
Antonio López Díaz

President of the University of Santiago de Compostela

Manuel J. Reigosa Roger
Manuel J. Reigosa Roger

President of the University of Vigo

Speakers Interviews

Haya Al Dajah and Alex Ryan lead interviews of selected speakers of the Ecosystems 2030’s second chapter held at Palexco, A Coruña, Spain in June 2022, asking about trends and emerging technologies, how it can benefit us all, and what are the challenges we are facing to make positive impacts on our daily lives. This series brings perspective on important topics such as future of mobility, AI and data privacy ethics, fair benefits of emerging technologies for all, and enhanced, inclusive collaboration to tackle big challenges.


Adipat Virdi

Global Immersive Specialist & Global Creative Product Lead - VR at Facebook (Meta) (Former)

Esko Aho

Prime Minister of Finland (former)

Alberto Prado

Vice President and Global Head of Digital & Partnership for R&D at Unilever

Flavia Ciaccia

Vice President of User Experience at Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions

Osama Alswailem

Chief Information Officer at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

Jayant Narayan

Manager of Global AI Action Alliance at World Economic Forum

Michael Lewrick

Bestselling Author of "The Design Thinking Playbook" at Deloitte

Pete Worden

Chairman of Breakthrough Prize Foundation & Executive Director of the Breakthrough Initiatives

Jennifer Stumm

Director & Founder of Ilumina Festival and World-Renowned Violist


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