George Hemingway

SpecialityGrowth Strategy & Innovation Executive, CxO Advisor, Columnist & Keynote Speaker
Growth Strategy & Innovation Executive, CxO Advisor, Columnist & Keynote SpeakerGeorge Hemingway currently leads the Innovation Practice for a growth strategy consultancy dedicated to helping companies to become future-focused and to develop the foresight, flexibility and focus to win in uncertain markets. George's focus is on growth strategy, strategic planning, innovation strategy and futures-thinking, including strategic scenarios and planning for disruptive change. George has advised executives on growth strategy, futures and innovation at leading companies across industry, from financial services to mining, retail to chemicals. He has started ventures, been CEO of a publicly traded firm, served as the strategic advisor on Innovation and Futures to a leading american university and has sat on various boards, including Riemann & Co., Budapest Honved and the Chamber Orchestra of New York. George is a published monthly columnist and keynote speaker on the Future, Uncertainty and Transformation and has keynoted at over 100 global forums (e.g., NASA, S&P Global, Chief Strategy Officer Summit, The NYC Innovation Festival, Artificial Intelligence & Automation Summit, Asset Management Summit, World Mining Congress (2014, 2016), Brazilian Mining Congress, EXPOSIBRAM Brazil, Mines & Money Americas, Mines & Technology, Future of Mining London & Denver, OMOC, ISARC, SME Finance Innovation, Fiatech, QuebecMin and at dozens of public and private organizations, ranging from the University of Toronto to Metso to BASF.