Ingrid Willems

SpecialityFounder & CEO of DataScouts
Founder & CEO of DataScoutsIngrid Willems is the founder and CEO of DataScouts, a data technology startup from Gent, Belgium. DataScouts has the ambition to build the best-informed ecosystems in the world by smartly combining relevant data, AI, and human expertise. DataScouts helps organizations build and tap into collective intelligence in order to identify market trends, early signals, blind spots and strategic scenarios for the future. Ingrid is an entrepreneur, ecosystem thinker, sparring partner, and strategist, helping organizations think ahead of the market and stay relevant in today’s fast-changing, less predictable world. Ingrid is passionate about mapping, activating and monitoring ecosystems. She is convinced that ecosystems and platforms enable greater collaboration, fuel new business models and enable large and small organizations to contribute and gain value in novel ways. Ingrid holds a Master in Sciences and she obtained an MBA from the University of Augsburg (Germany) in collaboration with the Katz Business School in Pittsburgh (US). She started her professional career at Siemens in Munich, as a Software Engineer. Ingrid developed a passion for building & developing online businesses as CMO at Wolters Kluwer Transport Services and later on as COO of Immoweb, an Axel Springer Digital Classifieds business.