Lt. Col. Jennifer “JJ” Snow

SpecialityChief Technology Officer at U.S. Air Force / AFWERX
Chief Technology Officer at U.S. Air Force / AFWERXLt. Col. Jennifer "JJ" Snow serves as the lead tech scout for the USAF, acts as an LNO between USAF, sister service, interagency and allied partners, expands collaborative network to best support emerging requirements and innovation ecosystem. Jennifer identifies and highlights risks, opportunities and threats from emerging technologies to senior level decision makers to help guide strategy, plans, acquisitions and policy as applicable. Jennifer has over 18 years of successful military leadership and management experience with a reputation for meeting and exceeding challenging organizational goals and objectives. She is an innovative and focused individual recognized for the ability to consistently overcome obstacles in the defense and intelligence community. Jennifer is an expert networker and team builder ready to tackle the nation’s toughest problems by leveraging non-traditional, unconventional solutions and collaborating with world class innovators who are driven to make a positive difference.