Meng Chee

Meng Chee

SpecialityExecutive Vice President & Chief Product Officer at Walmart
Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer at WalmartMeng Chee is Walmart’s first executive vice president and chief product officer. This new role focuses on delivering outstanding customer experiences and leveraging today’s technology to do it. Meng comes to Walmart from JPMorgan Chase where he served as managing director, head of digital customer experience. He led design thinking and product design of omnichannel solutions for both advisors and customers in lending, consumer banking, wealth management and business banking. He was previously a vice president of innovation at Samsung USA which included leading the Samsung Health USA product group. Prior to that, Meng was an executive at Nokia inventing life-essential mobile services for the next 2 billion people of emerging market economies. Before corporate life, Meng was at Frog Design. As chief technology officer, he led a global design and technology business unit with some of the most innovative multinational companies as clients. Meng has three global design awards, and he holds multiple patents. He has also been a product and technology executive in two different startups. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a master’s in software systems engineering from Boston University. He has since studied innovation management and machine learning at MIT and Stanford.


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