Pilar Aranda Ramirez

Pilar Aranda Ramírez

SpecialityPresident of the University of Granada
President of the University of GranadaPilar Aranda Ramírez is the President of the University of Granada. She is a professor in the Department of Physiology at the University of Granada and has been teaching for almost forty years at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Sports Science and the Permanent Open Training Classroom. Pilar also develops her teaching at other Spanish universities and academic institutions (Autónoma de Madrid, Autónoma de Barcelona and Carlos III, among others) and Spanish-Americans (University of Guadalajara, Mexico; University of Antioquia, Colombia; University of Quito, Ecuador). She carries out her work as a researcher in the Research Group 'Digestive Physiology and Nutrition' and the 'University Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology' of the University of Granada and her lines of research focus on drug-nutrient interactions, in the assessment of nutritional status in populations in pathological situations and in education in healthy lifestyle habits. From 2002 to the present, Pilar has participated as Principal Investigator in eight research projects and contracts. As a result of her work as a researcher, she has numerous publications in publishers and magazines of recognized prestige and impact and has presented her work in numerous national and international conferences. A complete list can be found in your Curriculum Vitae. In the field of university management and research policies, he has participated in Governing Councils of Andalusian Institutes and Research Centers, such as the Andalusian Center for Development Biology, the Andalusian Center for Environment or the Andalusian Knowledge Agency. She has been executive secretary of the Commission of the Andalusian Research Plan and the Euroárabe Foundation for High Studies. In his career at the University of Granada, he has been part of his Cloister since 1982 and specifically has been a representative in the Economic and Postgraduate Commissions. In 1989 she was director of the Secretariat of the Student Agency and appointed Vice Chancellor of Students.