Scarlett Sieber

SpecialityManaging Director at Catalyst Consulting Group
Managing Director at Catalyst Consulting GroupScarlett Sieber is a highly sought after international speaker, thought leader and innovator. Working as both an early stage technology entrepreneur within global private and public institutions as an innovation leader, her unique background enables her to create social receptivity by tailoring her message to whomever she is speaking to. Her passion and commitment for technology-driven change is palpable and her confidence and authentic approach draws audiences in. Scarlett is known for taking complex subjects and making them digestible for all. Audiences not only understand the vision but are left with tangible action items to practice within their organization. Her fresh approach marks her out for the future. Respected leader, driving organizational change at startups and global enterprises alike. Adept at leading newly created business development and ecosystem initiatives, digital strategy and transformations for small and large financial service companies. Co-founder of data visualization tech startup, Infomous; clients include The London Olympics, Super Bowl XLVII, NFL Films, The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, The Guardian and USA TODAY. Contributor to the Huffington Post, Forbes, and WeWork. NYC Fellow of Startup Leadership Program.