Steve Barsch

Steve Barsh

SpecialityManaging Partner at Dreamit Ventures
Managing Partner at Dreamit VenturesSteve started as a software developer when he was 14, received a computer science degree from the University of Michigan, and co-founded his first company, SECA, when he was 20. He sold SECA to MCI and remained there for two years running the MCI/SECA business unit. He launched, ran a publicly traded Israeli software anti-piracy company, was an EIR at First Round Capital and a Managing Partner at DreamIt Ventures. During Steve's first tour-of-duty at DreamIt (2009) Steve helped guide and launch 12 companies including Notehall (acquired by Chegg), SeatGeek (backed by Accel Partners, Lerer Ventures, Founder Collective, Ashton Kutcher, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning) and (backed by Grotech Ventures, Blumberg Capital, and ff Venture Capital). For three years Steve taught in the Wharton MBA program. Steve now focuses his time on early stage venture capital and emerging startups looking to have tremendous impact. He has helped launch over 100 companies that have generated over $1B in value. He has extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians on rapid identification and de-risking of critical make-or-break assumptions as well as shaping those companies along with guiding their early stage venture rounds. He is a special advisor to NASA for their annual NASA Cross Industry Innovation Summit.