Till Haunschild

Till Haunschild

SpecialityMagic & Startups Keynote Speaker
Magic & Startups Keynote SpeakerTill has been doing magic for 29 years – with shows all around the world. He has perfected the skill of artfully weaving together imagination, story telling, psychology, misdirection and sleight of hand wizardry. This turned out to be very helpful on his journey as an entrepreneur. It helped him create 7 companies and captivate millions of users. Now he is teaching what he has learned to others, explaining how to imagine a future that is impossible today, and then to go out and create it, either through technology, science, or just plain old magic. "Till is an inspiring speaker, entrepreneur and mentor!" Adam Cheyer, Founder of Siri "He truly can make you believe in the impossible." Steven Puri, VP 20th Century Fox (Die Hard, Wolverine) "Till is one of the greatest artists of our time, and his medium happens to be magic. He's incredibly original and mesmerizing to watch." Ryan Pamplin, VP Sales Meta

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