Louise Chater

SpecialityExecutive Vice President at Sony Pictures (former)
Executive Vice President at Sony Pictures (former)Louise Chater is an accomplished consumer research guru with high level expertise in global marketing strategy for the film industry. Having led International Strategy and Research for Sony Pictures Entertainment, where she was responsible for the strategic direction of all Sony movies for International release, she has co-created a System 1 tool for SPE and Sony Corporation of America, capturing how audiences connect with the content they’re watching. Using biometrics, emotional reactions & audio cues, VX (‘Viewing Experience’) helps content producers understand how their audiences emotionally engage, in real time, without bias. VX is currently being used by movie studios, streamers, the gaming industry and advertisers. Louise is increasingly stepping into the world of immersive story telling, applying her skills to expand the linear relationship with content that has been the traditional through-line.


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