ES2030 Agenda 2023


We welcome you to our exclusive invitation-only event limited to 150 distinguished speakers and participants from diverse professions across the globe. Ecosystems 2030 offers a rare opportunity to network, brainstorm, and share ideas with top leaders and to hear first-hand from the experts about powerful technologies and innovations revolutionising the landscape of industries, government, and academia worldwide.

This forum also explores the ecosystems that will emerge over the next 10 years from technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Fintech, 3-D Printing, Robotics, and Extended Reality.

In our third chapter of 10 conferences, we will focus on the upcoming opportunities and challenges these technologies present and offer important insights on how to successfully embrace disruption, transform your organization and thrive across the next decade.

4 May 2023

Day 1

Nikki Eberhardt
Global Social Entrepreneur
[ Master of Ceremony ]
Nadia Calviño Santamaría
First Deputy Prime Minister of Spain
[ pending ]
Ines Rey Garcia
Mayor of A Coruña
Omar Hatamleh
Executive Chairman at ES2030
Alexandra Mousavizadeh
Partner at Tortoise Media & Director at Tortoise Intelligence
Rafa Camargo
Vice President at Meta (Facebook)
Pilar Manchón
Head of Artificial Intelligence at Google
Mina Bastawros
Vice President at Airbus
Steve Barsch
[ Moderator ]
Former Managing Partner at Dreamit Ventures
Andres de Leon
CEO at Hyperloop Technologies
Greg Ombach
Head of Disruptive Research & Technology, Senior Vice President at Airbus
Daniel Wiegand
Co-founder at Lilium
Gabriel Perdiguero
Chief Customer Transformation & Technology Officer at Iberia
Billy Nolen
Billy Nolen
Acting Administrator at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
[ pending ]
Giuseppe Napo Montano
Senior Vice President, Mobile Robotics at Arrival
Jennifer Stumm
Director & Founder of Ilumina
& World-renowned Violist
V R Ferose
Senior Vice President at SAP
The Breakout Session is an agile brainstorming workshop, characterized by a rapid prototyping process, that aims to get leaders around the world to deep-dive into the future of Health, Longevity, and economics, actively engage in vital discussions and debates surrounding economic opportunities and challenges for the next decade and to imagine visions for the future and actions to be taken in the present to get there. During the Breakout session, all Ecosystems 2030 speakers and participants are broken up into smaller groups, designed with a view to enhancing diversity.
Arijit Bandyopadhyay
Chief Technology Officer at Intel
Patricia Thaine
CEO at Private AI
Matthias Artzt
Senior Legal Advisor at Deutsche Bank
Aysha Khan
CISO & CIO at Treasure Data
Onur Korucu
VP, EMEA Consulting Practice, Privacy at TerzionDX
Lenin Gali
[ Moderator ]
CIO, CISO and Engineering Advisor at Git1K
Motti Kushnir
H.E. Dr. Saeed Aldhaheri
Director, Center for Future Studies, University of Dubai
Shelby Austin
CEO at Arteria AI
Jumana Al-Sibai
Member of the Management Board, Responsible for Thermal Management at MAHLE
Zenia Tata
Innovation Strategist
Anahita Thoms
Global Lead Sustainability Partner at Baker Mckenzie
Gaelle Hotellier
Chief Operating Officer at KROHNE
Karen Florschuetz
[ Moderator ]
Former CEO in the Customer Service Industry
5 May 2023

Day 2

Jason Wild
Vice President, CEO of Innovation at Microsoft
Michael Lewrick
Best Selling Author & Head Innovation Labs at Deloitte
Jelena McWilliams
Chairman of the FDIC (2018-2022)
Thomas Davin
Global Innovation Director, UNICEF
Lara Habib
[ Moderator ]
Senior Presenter at Al Arabiya
Tarja Halonen
Prime Minister of Finland (Former)
Iveta Radičová
Prime Minister of Slovakia (Former)
Ahmad Hanandeh
Minister of digital economy and entrepreneurship, Jordan
Alexandra Goncalves
Vice President for Medical Digital Health at Bristol Myers Squibb
Marcus Spickermann
Senior Vice President at Bosch
Derar Almanaseer
Director of Strategy & Investment at ADNEC Group

Lunch will be combined with our speed matching session, a fast-
paced, solution-focused event where all speakers and participants meet in a series of timed, one-on-one meetings to discuss and find solutions for their organization’s or industry’s unique challenges.

This facilitated session allows for a large number of pairings, perspectives
and ideas.

Lorna Ortiz-Soto
Global Head of Technology at Shell Oil
Alessandro de Luca
Chief Information Officer at Merck
Maria Cortes Puch
Vice President at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Alaa Adel
Senior Vice President at Oracle
Bader Hamdan
Vice President at Twilio
Juan Villamil
[ Moderator ]
Chief Information Officer at Imperial College
Umran Beba
[ Moderator ]
Partner at August Leadership
Aysegul Ildeniz
Global Tech leader & Board member (former Intel VP)
Bettina Schaller Bossert
President at World Employment Confederation
Jennifer Stumm
Director & Founder of Ilumina
& World-renowned Violist
Yolanda Serra
Yolanda Serra
Global Head International Executive Programs at IESE Business School
5 May 2023, 3:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Open Session

Open to the public in person and live-streamed. 
Nikki Eberhardt
Master of Ceremony at ES2030
Fernando Dominguez
Vice President at SandboxAQ
Gerardo Portilla Tuesta
Director of Engineering at Peta Optik
Stiven Kerestigian
Stiven Kerestigian
Head of Disruptive Innovation at Ikea
Rick Keating
CEO at Keating
Sidney Madison Prescott
Global Head of Intelligent Automation at Spotify
Andreas Geiss
Senior Vice President at Siemens
Jordi Ferrer
Vice President and Managing Director at ServiceNow
Sandrine Gadol
Chief Innovation Officer at L'Oréal
Makoto Ochiai
General Manager, Energy Systems R&D Center at Toshiba
Nigel Richardson
SVP & CIO at PepsiCo Europe
Lara Habib
[ Moderator ]
Senior Presenter at Al Arabiya
Tomasz Nowakowski
Senior Vice President of Finance at Red Bull
Abdalla Awidi
Director, Stem Cell Therapy Center
Jennifer Fruehauf
Senior Director, Strategic Innovation & Transformation, Salesforce
Aysha Khan
CISO & CIO at Treasure Data
Vinayak Godse
CEO at Data Security Council of India
Ashok Banerjee
Senior Vice President at Trellix
Onur Korucu
VP, EMEA Consulting Practice, Privacy at TerzionDX
Lenin Gali
[ Moderator ]
CIO, CISO and Engineering Advisor at Git1K